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On Line Design and Engineering are Graded Gold!

We are delighted to have successfully achieved a gold award for the Project and Programme Partners (PPP) scheme, following a detailed assessment by the matchmaker service team of On Line Design & Engineering’s capabilities, track record and social impact commitments.

PPP is a 20 year £7 billion framework of major projects which aims to transform project delivery at Sellafield, its supply chain, and the socioeconomic landscape of Cumbria. This encourages the development of long-term relationships, key delivery partners and their pre-determined supply chain, measuring success on enterprise outcomes.

The SME Matchmaker Scheme will introduce top tier contractors to high performing SMEs like On Line Design & Engineering to assist in the delivery of critical projects at Sellafield. We recently completed the detailed design of the BEPPS DIF project at Sellafield and look forward to sharing our experiences on that project with key delivery partners associated with the PPP.’, ‘On Line Design and Engineering are Graded Gold!