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Meet Peter!

Senior Piping Designer Peter Brown has been with the company since 4th April 2022 but it’s not his first time working for OLG Engineering!

In November 2005 Peter emigrated to Canada where he worked for Jacobs Engineering in the Canadian Oil Sands, before returning to the UK in 2016 when he joined OLG Engineering as a Contractor at Tronox.

Based at the Pelham Road office in Immingham, 58-year-old Peter’s previous experience includes working within the Chemical and Food industry sectors in the UK.

Peter lives with his wife Tracy and has a daughter called Charlotte and a son, Joe who both live in Canada. His daughter lives in Calgary, Alberta and his son lives in Moncton, New Brunswick. He is also a proud grandparent to his daughters three children Riley, Sienna and Calliah.

Peter said, “I have settled in well and found that the people I work with are great and helpful. I’m really enjoying the work and proud to be working for OLG. There has been a lot of change over the years, however the piping office still gets very hot – must be the heat from our work output!”

Welcome back to the OLG Engineering Team Peter!